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 Team Black out part 4

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Spy Agent

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PostSubject: Team Black out part 4   Wed Jun 04, 2008 2:43 am

well theres a big dang car chase a few hours out of the city limits

Riley: dang it dang it dang it

Tys arm has gotten better

Riley gets a call on the radio

Guy: this is sniper team one

Riley: oh are we glad to hear from you

Sniper team one: lead them to the old abandon ware house a few miles down

Riley: ok were on are way

Kade: Karl get that door shut your out of ammo any way

Karl: its dramatic gosh

Ty: yeah what ever just shut the door

Sniper team one: by the way you my want to jump into the river as fast as possible

Riley: im not even gunna ask why

Sniper team one: thats probly a good thing

Riley: were here move it move it

Karl: you could become a guy in the army

Riley: i was a guy in the army

Karl: no wonder

they all jump in the river just in time a big bomb blows up

Sniper team one: nice jump

Riley: you suck

(to be continued)


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Team Black out part 4
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