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 Team Black out part 5 dun dun dun

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PostSubject: Team Black out part 5 dun dun dun   Fri Jun 13, 2008 11:09 pm

at station Sniper Team one and Team Black out met there and command had a mission for em

Command: theres people being held up at a bank we want you to go there

Riley Mitchall: ok

they walk out and drive to bank they get there and theres bunch of cop cars and a radio for one of the cops to talk to the people in side Austen and Mitchall set up so they cant be seen by the people in side

Gunman1: get a vest ready were gunna send some one out but to try anything or else

Cop on radio: ok were sending a guy over to the person now

Team Black out are trying to find a way in its only in hour later when they do they've been shooting the peoples knees and you would hear pop pop pop all the way across the room

Team Black finally finds a way in Sniper Team one Mitchall takes a shot but just in case the bullet doesn't get thru the glass and hit Gunman1 Austen takes a shot a few second after the bullet doesnt go tru the glass but Team Black out finally got tru and took rest out

Kade: job done

Command: remember the guys that you attacked when you got up here

Riley: how can i for get

Command: well that guy you arrest when you came in is important to them it seems because there breaking him out

Everyone: WHAT

(to be continued) (or is it dun dun dun)


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Team Black out part 5 dun dun dun
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