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 halo series part 1

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PostSubject: halo series part 1   Mon Jul 07, 2008 1:10 am

chief Covenant boarding crafts in coming
i need a weapon
right this way sir

Chief grabs a battle rifle and has 2 SMGs in his hands

Marine: there in standered for mation big ones in back small ones in front

Sgt: as soon as thos doors open let em have it

the doors blow

guns firing

(runs up shooting punches in elite)
(after they kill everyone)
2 elite come up ontop of a plat form above em
(takes em out)
they get to 2 covenant crafts that intered they shoot

hehe take tha ouch (screams hey stupid gurnt)

the grunt freaks out drops his weapon and runs away he gets shot by

oh hey guys what took you so long

they all look out the window into space

marine: wow the multas allready driven of ther board

Cortana: multa whats your status

multa: i dont believe it we won there retreating

right then the multa blows up

Marine: this is bad real bad

Captain: Cortana

Cortana: the blast came form in side the multa bomb

Captain: then they sure of heck brought one here Chief find it

yes sir
(to be continued)


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halo series part 1
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