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 my halo series part 2

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PostSubject: my halo series part 2   Mon Jul 07, 2008 3:20 am

more elites come thru a door
yeah take that
and this
they go thru another door a smilar room from the one they where just in take out guys in there go thru another door take out a few elites and grunts walk up to another door they get attacked cant find attacker
must be a spec ops
ya think
i found him
huh what the
Mark throwed a grenade
take out 2 elite up above
there out of ammo
(picks up a plasma rifle)
(gets a shot gun from one of he dead guys)
gets battle rifle ammo
(grabs 2 pistols)
they go to a long wide hallway with small plat forms with gunner grunts with plasma turrets bunch of major elite
shoots his plasma rifle at an elite a gunner up stairs at end of hallway starts shooting and there a sniper jackel up there and all the Aliens start shooting
mark gets shoot
sheilds low
(pulls out sniper shoots the jackel sniper)
a little bet more shooting killing they get out side in space they ge ambushed by2 scout elites the scout elites have jet packs
there shoot Hunter picks up a Covenant carbine
they get to a big elevator shaft they here a buzz
what the

drones bugs they have no sheild but there stll deadlybecause they fly and there allways in giant swarms

took em a long time but they got they jump down the levator shaft on a elevator with 2 elite and a few grunts
they go into a small room with a door in the front AND BACK THE FRONT DOOR opens they jump out of fire 3 scout elite one on a turret the other 2 flying around Cief fires some battle rifle ammo killig the elite on the turret then they all run out hunter takes out a sniper shoots the 2 flying elites they go to a small elevator it leads to the bomb filled with elite the Chief is now alone the others went to in Amber Clad its a ship chief throws a grenade plasma grenade sticks straight to the red elite red is a major elite blue is soilder black in white are spec ops gold is honor guard chief takes out the elites

Cortana: chief me inside your head now

by the way cortana is a AI construct chief puts here inside his head she defuses the bomb
how much time was left
cortana: you dont wanna a know
lord hood
lord hood: chief
permission toleave station
Lord hood: what for
to give the covenant back there bomb
Lordhood: permission granted
Chief grabs the 1 ton bomb
Drags it to the elevator
Cortana: i know what you thinking
so stay here
Cortana: unfotunitly for us both ilike crazy
Chief drags the bomb to a air lock opens it the bomb is going out Chief grabs it
flying thru space gets close to a covenant ship turns the bomb on jumps away straight thru the old halo pices bomb blows up and so does the covenant ship he lands on
in amber clad

Sgt: for a brick he flew pretty good the covenant ships were heading for earth the drop ships land here what they look like and here the ship the humens come in
they fly in
sniper: its looking bad recomend mission abort

Commander maranda keys: up to you johnson

SgtJohnson: were goin in lock in load marines

Marine pilot: wow

a Scarab shoots the 2 peliacans down
(to e continued)


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my halo series part 2
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